Silo Painting

Silo Painting 2018-02-19T19:27:23+00:00

Got a giant silo in need of a paint job in Colorado? No problem! Prep-Rite Coatings has been there, done that!

Silos can’t be painted by just any company – they need experts who get the job done right! They can be seen for miles by your customers. and a great way to advertise and communicate to When you see fresh paint on one of this large silos – it tells the world – you’re open for business.  A fresh coat of paint creates a vibrant and healthy business appearance. It makes you proud to work someplace when it looks clean and sharp and it makes your customers confident that you’re a solid business they can depend on.

Yes, our silo paint jobs help protect your equipment and help fight the evils of rust and wear but there’s no denying, a clean environment is a healthy environment. A healthy environment is a profitable environment – and that’s what you get when we paint your silos!

Painting Silos is serious business, that why the job needs to be done safely and using the right products. Prep-Rite Coatings and Contracting uses only quality  DTM (Direct to Metal) coatings and paint products.

And lastly, just like Metro Mix Cement discovered with their silos…“Just because cement is messy, doesn’t mean your silos have to be.”

Preprite also just finished painting silos in Windor, Colorado which you can view in our photo gallery.